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Yahoo messenger chat history

I want to retrieve my yahoo messenger coversation history. Restoring your conversation history will also restore your Yahoo Mail account! Save emails or instant messages to your desktop as a text file. Clear conversation history in Yahoo Messenger. Conversation list getting cluttered? You can remove old or unwanted message threads where you've chatted 1-on-1 with another person. (While it's not possible to clear a group conversation, you can always leave the group to get rid of group messages and to stop getting. 28 Apr Yahoo Messenger! saves your chat history in a log file by default. Although it is encrypted, it can be easily decrypted and display the archive messages. Here is how to directly view the conversation without running the program.

According to Yahoo! Help: How to use Yahoo! Mail to access your Yahoo! Messenger 11 Conversation History Archives. Sign in to Yahoo! Mail. Go to the " Search Mail" box in the Yahoo! Mail page. Enter the Yahoo! ID, Name, or string of the conversation that you would like to find in the "Search Mail" box and click Go. 31 Mar You can view all past interactions and conversations you had with your Messenger friends by opening the Contacts menu and selecting Conversation History in Yahoo Messenger under Windows 7 or To help you navigate through your chat logs, Messenger provides you with search tools, such as. 31 Mar It allows two people to talk to each other over the Internet by connecting their computers and trading text back and forth, so long as both people have downloaded the program and have a Yahoo account. Yahoo Messenger archives any conversations you have, allowing you to look back through them if you.

Messages received through Yahoo Messenger can be closed once read, but by utilizing the proper settings, you can also pull a transcript of your chat history to retrieve important memos or discussions. To recover logged messages, you must first enable Yahoo's conversation history. Only messages sent and received after . The archive stores all chat conversations until you delete them. 1. Launch Yahoo Messenger on your computer. If you aren't logged in to your account, sign in with your Yahoo ID and password. 2. Click “Contacts” in the top menu, and then click “ Conversation History.” A separate window displaying all of your saved chats. If you want to retain the auto-archiving function but are concerned about the privacy of your conversations, you can delete chat histories individually. 1. Launch Yahoo Messenger and sign in. Click "Messenger" and select " Preferences." 2. Select "Conversation History" and click "View Conversation History." 3. Click on a.


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